Dipl.-Phys. Alexander M. BACH

1986 - Abitur [Technisches Gymnasium Bruchsal]

1989 - Studies in computer science [University of Karlsruhe]

1993 - Studies in applied physics [University of Karlsruhe]

1996 - Admission with the bar of German Patent Attorneys

2000 - Foundation of our Law Firm in Köln

2020 - Foundation of our Law Firm in Bruchsal

As local patent attorneys we now connect the largest economic center in Western Germany, the region of Cologne, with the Bruchsal economic region in the South, which is the interface between the so-called technology regions of Karlsruhe and Mannheim. Therefore we are able to provide our services to companies from the heart of Europe. Our branche offices connect these German metropolitan regions with the main western markets. We support individuals, corporations and law firms from the US, Canada, Americá Latina, as well as the non-EU regions of Europe, especially Norway, Island, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and finally the UK. 

We are experienced in maintaining, licensing or transfering intellectual property rights. As well, we provide appropriate measures for our clients to meet the legal requirements of German law regarding the treatment of employee inventions. Of course, as our basic support, we offer comprehensive services in obtaining, enforceing, prosecuting and administrating intellectual property rights.